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Sunset photography with trees and clouds

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Sunset photography with tree and cloud

Everyone knows what a sunset is, and I have also told a lot about sunset, which you can read in the old post.

Today’s photography is done keeping in mind the trees and clouds. Whenever you go out to do such photography, the things that you should keep in mind and what will have to be done for such photography are mentioned below, by reading which you will be able to do such photography easily.

Talking a little about the photos, in the first photos, you can see that you can see a tree branch inside it and if you look from above, then you can see clouds in half. In taking out these photos, we have set the sun in such a way that it comes a little below the tree branch and clouds can come in the upper part. In taking such photos, you will have to take more care of the time.

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For such photography, you should have a little bit of camera settings so that you can easily take such photography. The photography of sunset will be very promising for you in the manual program because you have to increase the shutter speed and decrease the ISO in its settings. Later, you have to increase the aperture a little, after which you will take photos according to the environment of that place, then you will know what you have to do for better photography than this. And if you want to do a different type of photography of sunset, then you can see in my next post, I have told a lot of simple things in it. So that you will have a lot of fun in photography.

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Camera Maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Lens : 55 – 250 mm
Shutter speed : 1 / 250 Sec.
Aperture : F / 18
ISO : 100
Focal length : 250mm
Flash mode : No flash 
Exposure program : Manual 
White balance : Manual 

On this, in the photo you are seeing above, you will see half of what the Sun is. If you look carefully at these photos, then you will see a tree branch from three sides. These are the photos and the rest of the photos, these three photos have been taken out in the same mode and its settings are also mentioned below the first picture I have.

If you see in the last picture of this, then half the sun is visible between the clouds in it. We have waited a long time to take out this picture which we have taken out, then we have got this picture. If you carefully go to Delhi, then in this picture you went to the first tree branch behind it, behind it is this cloud and behind it is the sun. You can see how long we had to wait. When it is the time of sunset, then you look at the sun, then you will know how early the sunset happens in the evening time. Because of which you will have to take utmost care of time for this type of photography.

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