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Sunset Photography In Row File

Sunset Photography :

First of all, the sunset that everyone knows about. If there is any of you who do not know about sunset then he can see on this site about which I have made a post and then you will get some information about sunset in this post. Sunset is a time about which less is written and today we are going to talk about sunset time, which is a species in photography key file, how you can do it and you can read it further. Where can I read
Hello friends, today we are talking about the photography of ROW file, although we can take out photos normally, but this is the photography of row file, it is a special type of file, which only people who know use it because it The file format is a format that can be edited in any software. But if you can edit it in the computer itself, because the size of these photos is not that big, due to which you can see this file in the puck itself. If your phone is smart and that phone has the capability to support this file then only you can see these photos on that phone. The best thing about RAW file is that no matter how much you zoom in on it, you will see your photos clearly. The photo you see here is the photography done in the ROW file.
By looking at this photo, it is known that these photos are of evening time, but if you look carefully then you will also know how long it would have taken to remove this photo if you also want to do such photography. So some things have been told under the photo, after reading which you can also remove some such photos. Read further to know about which.
The photo you are seeing is that of a small mountain from where I took out in the evening. To take this photo, I had kept my camera on the ground below and when the day started to set, the sun came of this tree, then I took it out. Because when we do not want to take such photos, we also have to wait longer and wait for that time when the sun comes down and when we take such photos. Whenever you go to take some such photos, then go more to the mountain and river place because from these places you will see the view of the sunset very well and you will also enjoy taking photography. You can tell me by comment or you can ask me by messaging me on my Instagram. Thanks for reading my post.
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Photos click details without editing :

        Camera maker : Canon
        Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
        ISO : 250
        Aperture : f/7.1
        Shutter Speed : 1/400 Sec.
        Exposure program : Normal
What you are seeing in these two photos has come out on the same settings. And editing has not been done at all in both these photos, whose settings are given below, which you can read and you can also do such photography.

Camera settings :

        Camera maker : Canon
        Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
        ISO : 400
        Aperture : f/5.6
        Shutter speed : 1/4000 Sec.
        Exposure program : Manual
        Flash mode : No
        Focal length : 250 mm
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