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Sunset Photography & Camera Settings For Beginners

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Sunset Photography :  

The evening which is before the sunset, that time which is called sunset.

Sunset is that time which is fun to watch. To get the photos of sunset, you should know the correct settings of photography. Sunset is the best time for natural photos.

To do sunset photography, we should have 1 camera or a good enough mobile phone with which we can do photography. If you want to do sunset photography  evening time photography, then I recommend that you use tripod. For sunset photography you need a good place where we To get a complete view of the sun, where we can click the complete photo of the sun.

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If you don’t have a camera, you can also do sunset photography from your smartphone.

My photography :

After seeing the photography that I have done, you will also feel that we should do such photography, so I have told all the settings of my photography below the photos of my sunset photography. After seeing that, you too can do sunset photography like us.

Sunset photography is such that you can make your photos look very good without editing you. For which you should know the settings of your camera, so that when you do sunset photography, you do not need to edit those photos after doing that photography.

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My sunset photography is done without editing, which I have not edited in the slightest
This sunset photography is not edited. This photography is done by changing the settings of the camera.

Now let’s talk about the camera 

My sunset photography is done by Canon camera. What I have is Canon 1300D. The photography I have done is a 55-250 lens.

 Camera settings for sunset photography

I am telling you the settings of that camera of photography so that you can easily do such photography.

  • Camera maker : Canon
  • Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
  • ISO : 100 – 200
  • Shutter speed : 1/3200 – 1/4000 sec.
  • Aperture speed : f/5.6
  • Type of file : CR2 File
  • Things to remember about the right and timing of sunset photography
If you understand after seeing our given camera settings, you can do sunset photography. You do not have much time for sunset photography because when you go out for sunset photography then you should know which photos you are going to click. After that you have time from 5 to 7 pm for sunset photography, you have to complete your sunset photography in that time. All this can be done when you know the settings of sunset photography
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