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Street dog photography

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The dog you are seeing here is a pet dog which we can keep at home like a family. We know the dogs that do this by the name of “Street Dog”. You can easily see these dogs anywhere. For example, if you live in a city, the dogs you see on the road are mostly street dogs. They do not harm you in any way unless you disturb them. You can see these dogs almost everywhere in India.

The more we live together with these dogs, the better they behave with us. They can attack us when they are fighting with each other or we can tell that some person is troubling them. Anyway, these dogs have to stay away from humans because most of the humans kill and beat these dogs. Similar to the first photos you saw, more photos have also been taken out, which you can see below. To see and understand the photography of these dogs, read below. There you can find many things to know about photography.

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All the photos that you are seeing are taken by us from the same camera. And in all these photos the same lens is also used. Now the photos here are three in color and two in black and white. The camera settings of the first two photos are given below the second photos. Here the settings of the black and white photo you have are given inside the camera itself. In these two black photos, you will see this dog sitting quietly.

You can do this photography which you are seeing near your home. This photography is your first start in wildlife photography. You can learn about wild photography only by doing such small photographs. It took a long time to remove the photos of the dog you are seeing, because when you go to take photos, he gets up from that place or he is in some other tune. Because of which you have to wait for a long time. It is not necessary that you have to wait every time, sometimes you can get good photos in a very short time.

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These are the last photos, you can see that they are very beautiful photos. The photos here are clicked from Sony’s camera. It takes you a lot of time to do this photography, but you need to keep in mind the time of clicking some photos. I am telling this because when you do photography then you should keep such things in mind. You have also been given another post for such photography, see, read and understand, after which you too can do some such photography.

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