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Sparrow Photography in Forest

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Sparrow :

Hello friends today we talk about sparrow : 

The bird is such that everyone wants to see it because the bird that it is, is seen in more and more forests, similarly what you are seeing here is the pictures of the bird, it is out in a forest Hey and that forest belongs to the Gujarat state of India, which is known as Pavagadh in Gujarat, there are many such birds, which we have to go to this forest to see, but the forest here is very good and quite It’s safe Due to which we can easily go to this forest and then you can see many birds.

What you are seeing here are the pictures of a fake bird from this forest.

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What you are seeing are pictures of a bird. called sparrow.

Which we have edited only a little. Because this photo has come out of the forest and it has been edited so that its beauty becomes even more. If you want to remove the picture without editing it, then I have told about this bird without editing photos and its camera settings so that you can read it and understand it and you can get some help in getting such pictures. To see this photo without editing, you can see our site below. There we have given the photo here without editing.

These photos were Lightroom  edited. This is the edit that you can edit on your smartphone then you can also edit it in your computer.

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Now let’s talk about the photos without editing, what you are seeing is the photos taken out of a natural environment. The two photos I have shown here, both the photos are taken from different places, so I show you the settings of both the photos separately so that when you are going to take out natural photos, you will get help in photography.

The forest you are seeing in these photos has come out, whose name is Pavagadh. About which I have told further, whose link is given here so that you can read it.

link :

  • What you are seeing here are the same photos edited above but these photos are without editing.

What you are seeing are pictures taken from a particular environment. This picture was taken in the rainy season, this picture was taken from inside the forest where it was very dark even during the day, which is why you are looking at the picture whose beauty you can see. Whose camera settings are shown below.

Camera Settings : 

  • Camera maker : Canon
  • Camera model : Canon 1300D 
  • ISO : 100 – 200
  • Shutter speed : 1/125 Sec. – 1/160 Sec.
  • Aperture : f/5.6
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