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River Photography Rain Time

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How to do river photography in rainy season.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the rain

When the rain starts, we wander a lot in the time of the end of the rain, and in this time, the pleasure of going where we have mountains and rivers is something else. The time of rain would have been very good for a photographer because the photography that would have happened in this time would have been done in a different way. The pictures we have given below, this river originates from the mountains, but this river is very small. But yes, when it rains, the view that takes place here is something different. Which you have probably seen somewhere. Talking about how to do photography at this time, whenever you are going to do photography in the rain, then I am telling you some things so that you can make it easier for you to do photography, which read further to know.

In the photography of this rainy season, we should do photography according to the environment of it. So first of all you must have a camera or you have a smartphone. When we talk about my camera, you should know what photography you want to do and how to do it only after seeing the environment where you have gone for photography.

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Now let’s talk about this place from where these photos have been clicked and from where is this river coming.

This river originates from Pavagadh and what you are seeing is very far from where this river originates. As you are watching, what is visible behind in these photos is Pavagadh. And if you want to know more about Pavagadh, then you can see on our site, then you will come to know about Pavagadh by seeing a separate post I have written. Whose title is Natural Photography of “Pavagadh” , you can know all the things by going here.

Let’s talk about some things to remember during the time of photography.

  • When we go out for photography, then we should see all our belongings so that nothing is left.
  • When we are at a place where we are not, then we have to keep in mind that where we keep our belongings or how much stuff we have taken out.
  • When you are clicking photos, then you have to make the settings of the camera keeping in mind the environment. The settings of these photos are given below which you can see.

Camera setting :

Camera maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Camera mode : Manual
Shutter speed : 1/80 sec.
ISO : 1/100
Aperture : F/4.5
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