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Photography Of Vadatalav Lake

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Beauty Of Vadatalav

Wherever this is, there is a lake. And after seeing the view that happens from here, no one will feel like going from there. If you go to this place at any time in the morning and evening, then you will feel good.

The atmosphere here is of a different type. Let’s talk, when you go out for a walk in the morning, then the atmosphere there is calm and cool. And for this reason, photographers here come from far and wide for photography of models, couples and many more.

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This lake is of great importance in the beauty of Pavagadh. From here you can see the entire Pavagadh mountain. And the fun of watching from here was different. In this lake, you will also get to see that view of the fishermen and how they catch them. People from far and wide come here to roam around in the evening. You can also see the sunset very beautiful from here.

This lake has come close to Pavagadh, due to which we have a very good environment in the morning and evening time. The view of Pavagadh that you get to see from here is so beautiful that you will be left watching after seeing it. You can look below to see that view. Whose photo I have taken out. In this way the view of Pavagadh can be seen.

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Let’s talk about how to do this type of photography.

First of all, after seeing the environment of that, you will know that how to set up the camera, the photos you are seeing came out in the afternoon, for which you read further to know the setting.

Camera :

Camera maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Lens : 18 – 55 mm
Exposure program : Manual
Aperture : f/5.6
Shutter speed : 1/500 sec.
ISO : 100
Focal length : 18 mm
Metering mode : Center Weighted Average
Flash mode : No flash
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