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Photography Of Roses With Smartphone

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Some photos of photography done in smart phone :

What you see is a slightly edited photo whose original photo is below and you can read how those photos were extracted below.

Everyone can take out photos, but there is a big difference in how the one who wants to do photography takes out the photos and the one who comes out only with the photos. Because everyone has a smartphone but not everyone can do smart photography. Read on to know how to do smart photography with a smartphone.

This photo is a rose flower, about which everyone knows when I took these photos, then this flower was attached to what was left of the rose and that’s why this photo looks so beautiful because it The green colored plants you see behind the photos are except for the same rose when you take out such photos, if you do not break that flower, it is good because if you break that flower, then you will not get such a background. If you want to take a natural photo, then you should not break that flower. Because you will find this photo in the same natural environment where it is full, due to which these photos will make you look more beautiful.

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The first two photos are slightly edited and the bottom two photos are unedited so that you know what is the difference between the photos.

Some things to keep in mind while photography

  • When you are doing photography from smartphone, you have to keep your hand steady because by doing this you will be able to get perfect and good photo.
  • Secondly, as you are taking a photo of a flower, then you will have to keep it still, otherwise it will keep moving, then you will not be able to get the photo as you want, that is why you will have to keep the thing you take a photo of. Then you will be able to remove such photo if you want.
  • Most importantly, according to the environment of the place where you are, if you take the photo, then the photo will be even better. Because you should know that you are doing Keshi photography.


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The details of the photos that I took out have been given below so that you can read and understand it, after that you can also do photography in this way.

Images Details :

EXIF data :
Redmi 9 , Xiaomi
Aperture : f / 2.2
Shutter speed : 1/100
ISO : 158
Focal Length : 3.43 mm
Flash : No flash
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