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Photography Of Curry Leaves

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Curry Leaves

Everyone knows about curry leaves, what is being shown inside the pictures. So let’s talk about curry leaves.

It is the curry leaves that are most used in the kitchen and that too in cooking and this thing is curry leaves, about which everyone in every household knows what it is and where it is used. These curry leaves are mostly outside the house, then people plant this curry leaf tree at a place near the house. Because people put its leaves in many food items. Whatever it is put in, the taste of that thing is different, due to which people plant these leaves near the house. The tree of curry leaves is not very big and there are no cuts on these trees, due to which you can break them easily and you can also photograph it very well. The aroma of these curry leaves is very good. Because this thing is something that no one can say. These curry leaves are considered very good for health. Because of which it is put in many cooking things. Now let’s talk about the photography of these curry leaves, which you can read below and you can also see photos of curry leaves.

We can also use these curry leaves as medicine. By putting these leaves in food, many physical diseases are also removed. This is the reason why everyone likes it more and also likes to plant it.

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The photo you are seeing is of curry leaves. Which we have discussed above. So friends, we will talk about the photography done of these leaves. What you are seeing in these photos is derived from a small tree. And these photos have been taken out in the morning time, due to which you can see water droplets on these leaves in these photos. These two photos are the same photos but the first one is the photo without editing and the second one is only slightly edited. The photos that I have taken out in the morning are good for you for such photography because in this time you can remove these leaves in any way you want. Take as many photos of the small tree as you can because you can close it and turn it so that when you go to take out the photos, then you will know that for some photos you can move it around a bit.

Camera settings and which is a camera 

Camera maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Lens : Canon 18 – 55
Shutter speed : 1/160 Sec.
Aperture : f/5.6
ISO : 100
Focal length : 35 mm
Exposure program : Manual 
White balance : Manual 

Talking about this type of photography, there are many things to keep in mind at that time.

What you are seeing above are the settings of the photos, about which you should know very well because you will need it when you go to click the photos. 

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At the time of photography, you will not have to change the settings of your camera according to the environment of it. The photos you are seeing are taken from above curry leaves, then you can see how beautiful the photos are looking.

How do we remove more such photos, we will show you those photos in our next post because for now we have removed only so many photos. Did you find any thing about this photography and photo which you can definitely tell in the comment

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