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Neem tree photography and how to use it

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To share something about the neem tree.

This is the tree that everyone knows. This tree is found in many places. This tree is used to make many medicines. Most of its medicines are Ayurvedic, which you can use by staying at home. For some such Ayurvedic information, a few things are mentioned below so that you can read it and use it. All the information about these photos is given below. And you can see under these photos and for all the information about this photography you can see below the photos. You will know everything by seeing it.

Talking about the neem tree, first of all this tree is very bitter, whose leaves are also bitter. The juice that comes out of the leaves of this tree is the most bitter, but the father of this juice never gets sick, he never needs to take medicine. Many diseases are cured by drinking this. You can plant this tree anywhere, but this tree is high in height and its mountain is also high, but all these trees have more time then. 

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Talking about the rest, many medicines are made from this tree and if you sleep under it in the afternoon, then you will sleep so well that you will never be able to forget that place. By the way, the less that is told about it, that’s why you are talking about its photography further, which you will definitely want to read.

-: Let’s talk about the photography of these photos. :-

If we talk about photography, then three photos have been given here, out of which the two photos below have been taken out in the same settings, due to which they have been kept separate and the settings of these two are also given separately.

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What you are seeing above, we have clicked the first photos in auto mode so that you can easily read the settings of the second and first ones. It didn’t take much effort to get these photos out. Because everyone can do these settings. By just clicking a photo from the camera, it will automatically change its settings according to the environment, due to which everyone will be able to remove such photos. For such photos, you should only be able to click the photos, the rest will be seen by the camera.

Camera maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Lens : Canon 70 – 300 mm
Shutter Speed : 1/500 Sec.
Aperture : F/8
ISO : 2000
Focal length : 300mm
Flash mode : No flash
Exposure Program : Normal
White balance : Auto


Now talking about these two photos, we have clicked it manually. The manual setting is the most and most important part of photography. Anyone who comes to know about the settings of this program can remove any kind of photos from anywhere. You can see the photos of these, how different they look instead of the first photos above, which is because of these settings.

Camera maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Lens : 70 – 300 mm
Shutter speed : 1/250 Sec.
aperture : F/7.1
ISO : 100
Focal length : 300 mm
Flash mode : No flash
Exposure program : Manual
White balance : Manual

The photos you are seeing here, we have taken out in the morning time. And if you do not want to remove such photos as above, then you can do such photography keeping in mind the settings given here and other things, about some such photography and you will get to know about nature and birds. If you do not want to take out photos, then you can easily do this type of photography by reading the rest of my post.

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