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Natural Photography of Pavagadh

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What is it like in Pavagadh? That people get desperate to come here.

Pavagadh is such a place where there is a temple of Mahakali. Many years ago it is said that Mother Kali lived in this temple. This is such a place where everyone wants to come and the people who come have their mind again and again. This place is also considered a very good place for a photographer.

Very big photographers keep coming here for photography. It is a lot of fun to do natural and wild photography here. Here we get more photos of mountains and birds. This is such a place that people from our India and the countries outside India also come to see it. Now next we are going to talk about natural photos.

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Now we will talk about natural photography

We talked further to Jay, about Pavagadh, so here we get photos of more and more mountains. Here in natural photography, we have taken photos of mountains and so we have a lot of fun doing this

Photography. If you want to do nature photography, then you need to keep many things in mind for that, whether you have a camera or not, then you can also take photos of nature in your smartphone.

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I am telling you that if you have a camera, how can you use it, first of all, you have to strengthen your stable ability for photography so that you have to stand and sit in the same position for some photos sometimes. You have this ability. So you can do natural and wild photography anywhere and anytime.

Now let’s talk about the camera we have so that you also know that the photos you are seeing are taken out from which camera, these photos have come out in Canon’s camera. And all these photos which are all these photos are without editing. If you want to do such photography, then you will read about the settings of the camera given below and make your photography even better.

We will talk a little bit about the camera and lens we used in this photography.

This photography is done in Canon camera 1300D and the lens used is lens 18-55. This lens is used because when we are doing natural photography, then we take out as much as we can to win, then these photos look even better, this is the reason that we have used this lens.

In this lens we can zoom in and out from 18mm to 55mm and that’s why we enjoy taking natural photos.

Camera Settings :

Camera : Canon
Camera Model : Canon EOS 1300D
Aperture : f/7.1 – f/8
ISO : 100 – 200
Shutter Speed : 1/160Sec – 1/200Sec.
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