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Monkey’s Photography

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 Monkey :

Everyone must have seen the monkey, nor today we talk about how to take photos of the monkey and some things to keep in mind so that we can help in photography of this monkey.
First of all we talk about monkey, it is such an animal that it does not harm any human being, but yes if you tease it then it can harm you. If you call it with love, then it can come if you have biscuits, bread or whatever food you have in your food, which we can eat, this animal can also eat the same things. Then you can give it that food, if you go to give food to them, then they will not do anything to you, but they will take your given food in their hands. You can understand this animal, but for this you take more time and consider this animal as Hanuman ji, which we know from monkey. These animals are found in the forests or in the fields where they are in the village. And this animal where there is a temple of Hanuman ji, he is seen more. They have fun on the trees as they do on the ground. This animal would have been such that it is not afraid to go from one tree to another because it is the only animal that does not worry about anything if one branch is placed on the other. Because all these animals do this since childhood and they tell their whole life like this. Now let’s talk about the photography of monkey and read further to know more about photography.
Now let’s talk about photography, let’s talk about monkey photos. So when you are going for photography then you must have a camera. Either a good mobile phone will work if you have any camera but you should know its settings. What you are seeing in these photos is a picture taken from my camera. And I am telling you below in the settings of this picture so that you can do such photography. So to know the camera’s settings and how this picture is removed, read further on our site and if you like the information till here, then share our site as much as possible and do not forget to comment.

The photos you are seeing above here are slightly edited. And what you are seeing below these photos is without editing, whose settings and things to keep in mind at the time of photography, to know what I am telling you below, understand the settings given below the photos and after that you can see such You can do photography easily.

When you are going to do monkey photography, then things to keep in mind at that time that will help you in photography.

  • First of all you should not be afraid of monkey. You may have to stand for a long time at the place where you are standing.
  • When that monkey is having its fun, then we have to take care of it. And when you feel that the photos can be taken out, then you click on that time.

  • When he is on the tree or he is walking or he is in his fun then you will also enjoy clicking.

Camera Settings :

Camera maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Shutter speed : 1/250Sec.
Aperture : f/5.6
ISO : 100
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