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Indian Roller

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Indian Roller 

The bird that is this is mostly found in alone because these birds and are seen more in solitude. This is the bird of which we have taken photos, it is such a bird that you can tell if you see how beautiful the bird is, how beautiful its color looks like. But this bird looks like a kingfisher, but the name of love is an Indian roller, about which we talk about something, which you read further and tell in the comment how these photos are and you can see the rest of the photos.

Let’s talk a little bit about how you live and what you do.

This bird is mostly inside the trees, that is, the tree in which there is a hole, or the tree in which they can easily pierce, they make their nest in such places. This bird is known as Indian Roller, there are many birds like them but each one has a different identity. Whatever they are, they eat whatever small animals are in their food, that is, they consider insects to be their food. Sometimes even in the water, it also comes in the water to find its prey. Most of the birds are seen in blue color.


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The photos you are seeing, I had a farm where I had gone to take out natural and wild photos, then when I came out in the evening, I saw that this bird was sitting on an electric wire and so peaceful She was sitting that as soon as she saw the pictures of that bird came out in her mind. And I took out a lot of photos, then I have been able to get these few 2-3 photos as I wanted. Because when you go to take photos of a bird, then you come to know how long it takes to take one photo and take out a good photo. In order to take good photos, one should have a little knowledge of photography i.e. what is photography and how to take good photos. To read about which I am going to tell about some things which you can do a little photography after reading.
In such photography, you have to keep two things in mind, first you have to make your camera settings according to the environment where you are and the time there. Secondly, if you do not want to take out photos of anyone, then how do you take out photos of them, that is, where you stand or sit and take them out. The two photos that have been taken out here are both taken out on different settings and both the photos are without editing. Whose settings are mentioned below and which camera we used.
I have given a number to the two photos you are seeing above, so that you can know which photos have the settings.

Camera settings : 

  • Photos – 1

Camera maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Shutter speed : 1/250 Sec.
Aperture : f/ 5.6
ISO : 3200
Focal length : 250 mm 
White balance : Auto  

  • Photos – 2 

Camera maker : Canon 
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Shutter speed : 1/50 Sec. 
Aperture : f/5.6 
ISO : 1600 
Focal length : 250 mm
White balance : Manual 
Exposure program : Manual 
It takes time to learn such photography, but what you learn in this time will be so helpful to you in your photography that you can not imagine that I did not take much time to remove the photos you are seeing above. If you want to do very good photography in a short time, then you have to work very hard and learn a lot. If you like this information of ours, then you can tell by commenting. And to learn such photography, if you want to contact us, go to our profile and email us.
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