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Evening Photography With Natural View

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Let’s talk about evening

This is such a time that people wait from morning till evening to see. The sight we get to see at this time is such a sight that after seeing it, many people keep seeing it. In this time, more and more people go missing because at that time people consider themselves to be very happy. These people who go out to disappear, they go either in the mountains or on the banks of the river. Because the view that can be seen from here is such a time of the evening which is good for the people.

To do this with such a photography, we should have the right photography knowledge.

The time of the evening is very important for a photographer, now we talk about the photography of the evening, it can also be called sunset, now we are talking about how can we do the photography of the evening. The photos you are seeing below here are those photos without editing, which you can see.

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This evening there are many such things to read and to see the natural photos of our evening, you read our page further.

What you should know for evening photography, look at the photos given for life and understand the photography settings given below the photos and after that you can do photography.

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Here we have collected 3 photos in which you have seen 1 photo above.

  • The photos of the first one, we have come out in the natural scene, that is, these photos are taken out from the middle of the trees, that is why these photos are looking so beautiful.

  • We have taken out the second photos with the lens on them. So that we can see the sun in these photos more than half and not even full, that is why we have got these photos out.

  • In this last photo, we used the cap of the lens of the camera, that is, which would help the lens not to be harmed by the sun’s rays, we set it in such a way that the sun came inside it and it The photos have come out and you can see how beautiful these photos are.
These pictures are of the time in which the time it takes to set the day, the sight that is seen at that time looks like something that you are seeing in this picture, that’s the view you see. You will get it when you go out for a walk in the evening time.

Important camera settings for natural photography that you should know.

Camera Settings :

Camera Model : Canon 1300D
Shutter Speed : 1/20Sec – 1/40 Sec.
ISO : 100 – 200
Aperture : f/5.6
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