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Egret Bird Photography

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Egret Brid

Today we are going to talk about such a bird here which you can see everywhere whose name is Egret bird. These birds are mostly white in color and their neck is long and their beak is also a bit long. Because of which it is easy to seek them.

The photos you are seeing here below are of an egret bird. There are many species of this bird on this earth. This is a bird that you can easily see anywhere. These birds are mostly seen in white colors. There are other colors too, of which we will show you when we do photography.

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Here what you are seeing below photos is a normal egret bird. Which you can see anywhere. This photography was done in a field where these birds keep coming and going. Let’s talk about his photography which you can read below.

This bird stands for its food for a long time, in most of the water this bird can stand for a long time to eat fish. By the way, it is said to many living beings. Their method of hunting is very unique, because when they are standing in the water, then their prey can also go near them, but they cannot know this, this egret bird keeps so much patience. They mostly swallow the prey after catching it with their beak. Rest of the things about this photography are mentioned below which you can read.

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To do this photography, you need to have a lot of patience because if you want a good photo, you will have to follow this bird so that you get the photo you want. The four photos you are seeing now were taken on the same settings. Here you are shown its settings in each photo, so that you will know what kind of settings you have to keep when you go for such photography. You should know how to take photos of this bird, according to which you will have to keep your settings, only then you will be able to do some kind of photography.

To do this photography, it takes you a lot of time to learn and understand it, you can do some such photography. Visually, this wild photography seems very easy to you, but when you leave then you will know how you can do such photography. For more information, you can collect information by reading our old post.

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