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Creative Sunset Photography

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Know a little about the word creative : 

Everyone knows what photography is, but the photography we are going to talk about today is about creative photography.

We are talking about creative photography, so we must know what creative is. First of all, we will understand the meaning of this creative term, what is meant by the photography we are doing and how the photography we are doing is being done, or how should we do this photography because of which our pictures And our photography and different and most spectacular. Creative means that what can be created, that is, the photos we have taken, those photos will come out of the natural environment, but in that we will use our thinking and take out the kind of pictures we want because we are going to do such photography. Huh. Which is the best and most different, which we will know as creative because this photography is very different and it is also liked by many people who are fans of this photography.

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This is what you are seeing three photos, about which I have been told in detail below, which you can read and get more information about that.

Let’s talk about the creative which we can make, that is, we will take photos after making our own, that is, we will take photos. As the photos you are seeing here are 2-3 photos for which what we have done, you read further to know how we have done and how you can do such photography which we have told below.

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Let’s talk about the first photos, these are the photos, we made a boy stand away and caught the pipe in his hand, then we did not start taking photos from where we were standing with the camera, then took out a few photos. After we put his hand in such a way that the sun is visible from inside the piece of pipe, then set the camera in such a way that we took the photos as we wanted, you can see that in which we have Keep the sun on the back because we have here the pipe and the hand of the boy, who knows very well that this is the hand, that’s why we have taken such photos. And the sun which is visible behind which we have blurred a bit. I have told the settings of the camera below the photos you are seeing, which you should not forget to read at all, because this is the thing that is most useful to you in such photography, then read about the settings given below the photos. do try to do photography like this. 

  • Information about photos clicked with the camera :      

  • Camera maker : Canon 
  • Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
  • Shutter speed : 1/4000 Sec.
  •  Aperture : f /5.6
  • ISO : 100 
  • Focal length : 116 mm

Now let’s talk about the 2 photos because these are the photos I have kept together because the first photos we took out by keeping the lens and in the second photos we used the lens cap. It’s taken out

It doesn’t take much time to take this type of photo, cookie, to do the photography in these pictures, we put this lens on a wall in the direction from where we get the sun’s rays, then we take the camera from it We went some distance and we set the camera and started taking photos from there and we got the photos we wanted, the photos you see in which we have taken more than half the sun, due to which this picture looks very beautiful. 

Let’s talk about the next photo, in which we have used the cap of the lens of the camera. Which we have put in the hand of a boy and raised him on a high place and a little away from him, we took out these photos, the reason for standing on the height is that we can easily capture the sun with that hat and you can see That’s how beautiful she looks in these photos. Some information for such photography is given below photos, to know that you can make your photography successful, read below the photos.

Camera Settings : 

  • Camera maker : Canon 
  • Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
  • Shutter speed : 1/4000 Sec.
  • Aperture : f/5.6
  • ISO : 1/100
  • Focal length : 250 mm
The most important thing to keep in mind for taking out these types of photos is that whatever you have kept wherever you are, you should not change it again and again, rather you should change the place and take out the photos so that you you can easily capture the Sun in such a cap or such a pipe, if you like this information, then you can tell by commenting.

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