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Camera settings for rose flower photography.

Read below for information about this flower.

Whose flower is the flower you are seeing here, there is no need to tell me this because everyone recognizes this flower. Whose name is rose flower. I have made a further post about this flower. If you want to read about my earlier post, then you can go there and read it.
Although everyone knows about these flowers, but still we talk a little bit. The tree of this flower is not very big, due to which you can plant it outside your house, even on the roof, except this flower. Everyone likes the fragrance that comes from it, due to which this flower is liked the most and everyone likes it. You can get to see this flower in any temple. Because most people take these flowers to the temple of God. This flower is of red color. For more information about these flowers, read the paragraph given below.
The flower of this rose is found more in red color. But this flower is found in many different colors. This flower is also found in yellow and pink colors. This flower is found in many other colors but you can see them less. What you are seeing here in this photo is a rose flower of red color, which you will easily find anywhere. And for more information about the photography of this flower, read carefully what is mentioned below these flowers and do such photography.
Camera maker : Canon
Camera modal : Canon EOS 1300D
Lens : 18 – 55 mm
Shutter speed : 1/60 Sec.
Aperture : F/5.6
ISO : 100
Focal length : 45 mm
Flash mode : No flash
Exposure program : Manual
White balance : Manual
The first photos you are seeing here are clicked in manual program mode which you can see but its file format is not ROW. On this setting, we have clicked the second photo, which is on the bottom, its file format is ROW.
If you look at these two photos carefully, you will know what is different between them. Because of which you will be helped in photography. We have also shown the photography of this rose in the normal mode in the second photo above so that you can know in which mode and in which file format you like to do photography. When you are learning photography then you should do photography in regular .jpg format only. When you learn photography well, then you should click in the ROW file, photos, because to learn this, you must have some knowledge about photography, then you can do such photography. You can gather more information about photography by reading our previous post.
Camera maker : Canon
Camera modal : Canon EOS 1300D
Lens : 18 – 55 mm
Shutter speed : 1 / 125 Sec.
Aperture : F/7.1
ISO : 100
Focal length : 28mm, 39mm
Flash mode : No flash
Exposure program : Normal
White balance : Auto
Here the two photos you are seeing above have been clicked in normal mode but this photo has been clicked in RAW file format. When you do such photography, you can edit the clicked photos in ROW format in any software. You get very good quality of it. You can use this format anytime and anywhere because the size of photos in this file format comes in more MB, due to which you can add and edit them in any software.
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