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Bird Photography

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Bird Photography 

So what was done in bird photography, about which we should know, read on to know.

Birds are a unique part of nature. When we wake up in the morning to go out for a walk in nature, the sound of birds we hear is a unique creation of nature. Which is called bird. This is that bird, listening to which the mind of a human becomes calm. By which that human maintains his mental balance. If a person’s mind is not a saint or if he is very angry with someone, then he should be taken to such an environment. Either taking him to the place where the sound of birds comes, the mind of that human becomes calm.

Now we will talk about the things to remember while taking out the pictures of the bird.

  • When we go out for some wild or natural photography, then we have to do photography very carefully.
  • Like if you have seen a bird, then you cannot go to it in a hurry because if you do this then that bird flies away from there. Or else she won’t come to you.
  • Even if you harass him, your photos will not come.
  • That’s why you should carefully read and understand the things we have told below so that you do not have any problem in bird photography and your photography will also be good.

Now we are going to talk about how to do Hey Bird photography.

From that we talked further that you cannot go near the bird. Then read on to understand how you can do bird photography.

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Whoever you are taking a photo of, then that bird should not feel that we are taking out its photos, this has to be done because whoever you are photographing has to be allowed to be engrossed in his world so that Only by doing this our photography will be done very well.

When you are doing bird photography, then you have to take these photos from a distance.

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For this, you have to do this photography with a big lens. So that you can do good for that bird by having a big take.

How can you do bird photography, I am telling you below in the camera settings so that you can get the best photos.

Camera Maker : Canon 
Camera Model : Canon EOS1300 D
Lens : 55 – 250 mm 
Shutter Speed : 1/160 – 1/400
Aperture : F/5.6 – F/7.1
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