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Beautiful Morning Photography Of Roses

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Let’s talk today about the photography of beautiful roses in the morning time.

Rose :

This is such a flower that people like the most and this is the only flower that you can take to any temple and you can offer this flower to any deity. The beauty of this flower is different from all the flowers and this is the reason that everyone likes it and no one else likes it. About which we have told a few things, which you read further to know.
Rose which everyone knows about and everyone has seen this flower. And this is the only flower that everyone likes. And everyone likes rose flower. And everyone is very fond of this flower. These flowers come in many colors. What you see here today is a red rose flower. And what you see here is this flower in preparation for blooming, this picture was taken at that time, so the pictures are, you see this rose flower small, that’s why you can see this flower small Huh. This photography was done in the morning. The reason this flower is photographed in the morning is because it is the nature of the morning, it is calm and beautiful, so that your mind can quickly focus on the photography and the beauty of this flower in the morning is also something unique, because in the morning I have small drops of water on this flower, you can see it only in the morning time. After seeing this, you will definitely want to take her home because its beauty is such that you will feel like taking it home. The pictures you have in the afternoon and evening, you get more beautiful and better pictures in the morning.

When you are removing this flower, that is, you are plucking this flower, then you  should not remove it carefully because this flower has cuttings and these cuts are attached in the lower part of the flower, That’s why you can’t see them. That’s why you need to take care of love.

What you are seeing here, both the photos have been taken in the same day and the same rose flower photography and whose date and time are written below. You can see that below. So that you know how and when I have removed these photos.

Modified :

Day : ‎Wednesday,
Date : December ‎15, ‎2021,
Time : ‏‎8:36:50 AM
Size : 5.24 MB
The two photos you are seeing have been taken out in the same settings of my camera, which you read further to know all the settings.
Let’s talk about the setting of the camera, so these are the photos, all the settings of which I have mentioned below, which you can see below and after reading this, you can also do photography in some way if you really want to do such photography. If you want, then you read it and understand that after that you should do photography.

Camera Settings :

Camera maker : Canon
Camera model : Canon EOS 1300D
Lens : 55 – 250mm
Shutter speed : 1/160 sec.
Aperture : f/5.6
ISO : 800
Exposure program : Manual
Flash mode : No flash
Focal length : 250 mm
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